Benefits of Pellets


Conventional fuels such as oil and gas increase steadily in price each year. Pellets are offered at a reasonable price and the cost advantage can save up to 50%!

Clean and safe

The Home remains clean because the Pellets are packaged in wieldy plastic bags, for storage. After burning, there is little ash which means that it is easy to clean and maintain. There is no smoke, no offensive smell and the very minimum of CO2 emission. This results in global wellbeing and health for human kind. Pellets are also free of chemical additions and free of highly toxic carbon monoxide.


Buying Pellets from certificated producers and authorized dealers, is in the consumers interests and for their protection. LA Bio Holz is a certificated dealer. Our Pellets are made from sustainably managed woodland, which means that that the woodland is maintained and the trees will steadily grow again. Unlike the problems caused by fossil fuels, which can never be replaced.


Wood is an effective resource compared to fossil fuels. The Pellets are without any additives as they are compressed dry sawdust.Through heating with Pellets there is no pollution to the environment quite the contrary. The minimal content from CO2 emission is essential for the photosynthesis of the trees, which is a guaranteed stable natural cycle.