LA-BIO HOLZ Pelletsvertriebs GmbH
We are a young and dynamic company. We employ a professional and experienced team, who have all been working for some years in the section of Pellets. All our products are made in Europe. We are working together with a number of modern manufacturers, which enables us to guarantee continuous delivery through the whole year.

The company LA-BIO HOLZ Pelletsvertriebs GmbH offers different product lines.. Each of our products distinguish themselves by their special quality and background, which means therefore, that we can cover all needs in the market.

In the year 2013 we have implemented a volume of 75.000 tons, 80% of this have been ENplusA1 certificated.

All our field staff are qualified and mobile. We are reachable and available throughout the Italian market, including Sicily and all the Italian islands. Our wholesalers in their respective territories provide a professional consultancy service to the consumer.

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