Bio Holz Pellets

With our Bio Holz Pellets you are going to heat inexpensively, environmentally friendly and modern.
The bright coloured, 100% softwood pellets impress with a calorific value of ≥ 4,9 KWh/Kg and the highest quality according to ENplus A1 certification.

Raw material: softwood
Diameter: 6mm
Length: 20 to 40mm
Moisture: max 8%
Net calorific: >=4,9 kWh/kg
Ash: < 0,5%
Certification: ENplusA1
Full truck load:
23 pallets, 70 bags per pallet -bags of 15 kg
alternative: 28 pallets, 66 bags per pallet -bags of 15 kg

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